Jamie K's Immortals Score Nominated for NAVGTR Award February 2024

Immortals of Aveum Music and Score

Composer jamie K with Gold Note Studios LLC

Jamie K directed and composed a unique score from chaotic battle combat to beautiful spacious atmospheres that compliment the introduction of the new world of Aveum, where Jak joins an elite order of battlemages to save his world on the edge of abyss. Who will win the Everwar? 

When I saw pictures and scenes of the spacious detailed landscapes, I felt drawn to create spacious captivating compositions. I also found connection and inspiration in the epic women warriors of the game; these are no run-of-the-mill video game girls. Zendara and Grand Magnus Kirkan are dare-you-to-mess-with-us, epic, and intelligent, you’re-lucky-to-kill-bad-guys-beside-us kind of ladies. Those are my kind of comrades, and they needed some hard-hitting fire combat music to go to war with. ” - Jamie K

Game Informer Magazine Interview

Immortals of Aveum AAA VideoGame 2023

It was awesome hearing Jamie’s combination of modern electronic music styles, solo woodwinds, and musical sound design. I really enjoyed her ambient exploration music; she's created some very interesting textures and overall has a unique way of approaching that kind of music. It grounds the game in this very hybrid style and provides a change in sonic palette, contrasting nicely with the intensity of the combat music. ” - Tom Hawk

Game Informer Magazine Interview

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