About Jamie K

A classically trained pianist, composer, soulful vocalist, and experienced performer, Jamie K’s powerful yet insightful composing and songwriting flow with original melodies and unforgettable piano hooks. She has a sizeable catalog of original compositions written on various instruments also including cajon and guitar. Genuine love and musical gift emerged at the age of six, when she first encountered the touch of the piano keys.

With a degree in Music and Business from a University in San Diego she has licensed music internationally and composed for video games released on the PlayStation and XBOX. Most days you can find Jamie in her studio composing new music or teaching the love and skill of music to private students.

She is a member of G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) of professional Composers and Sound Designers.

Her international licensing partners include YouLicense, Beatpick, PumpAudio, and Rumblefish.

Jamie K in the Studio